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The Process

Let’s face it, re-roofing is a mess. Utah building code requires the removal of existing roofing in most cases. These situations include residences that have two or more layers of roofing or if the roof consists of one layer of cedar shingles or cedar shakes.
Roof recovers are allowed if a roof has only one layer of existing asphalt shingle roofing. But roofing material should not be installed over shingles that are curling or cupping. Recommendations will be made whether or not a re-cover is advisable based on the condition of the roof to be roofed over.
The process of roof removal is daunting because of the large volume of debris that is generated. Quite literally, many tons of material is removed from a typical residential re-roofing project. Care needs to be taken to protect the property and landscaping. Shaw Roofing takes great care to minimize the impact of the re-roofing work and has satisfactorily completed hundreds of re-roofing projects.

Every re-roofing project is unique and poses different challenges depending on the different features on the existing structure. Examples of items related to the roof that should be planned for are rain gutters, swamp coolers, existing skylights, wood fascia and moldings, special situations with siding and rock or stone masonry, etc.

Re-Roofing for Pitched Roofs

Shaw Roofing uses the best materials available for re-roofing. We have access to every major manufacturer so that we can accommodate every request or specification from homeowners and architects.

Material warranties: Shaw Roofing is a Shingle Master certified Certainteed contracotr and a GAF Master Elite certified contractor.  Shaw Roofing can offer exclusive extended lifetime material and workmanship warranties that other contractors cannot offer, giving you the best roof money can buy.

Flat Re-Roofing

Utah building code allows for up to two layers of roofing on flat and low pitch roofs. Removal of the new roof should take place if the roof consists of two or more layers of roofing or if the roof decking (plywood or butted decking) is in questionable condition. Once again, this decking is the ‘foundation’ for the new roof and should be structurally sound.

Material manufacturers:  FiberTite, IB Roof Systems, Flex Membrane Intnl., WeatherBond, Certainteed, GAF.                                                                                                                               

Decking replacement

Once the roofing is removed, we carefully inspect the split or butted sheathing or plywood decking and replace anything that may be rotted or broken. The decking is the ‘foundation’ of the new roof.  A roof installed over poor decking will not hold fasteners properly and the new roof could suffer damage from wind or ice build-up.

Fascia and Crown Molding Issues

As with the roof decking, it is a good idea to inspect the fascia and crown molding for rot as the roof removal begins.  Any repairs needed should be taken care of at this time.


It is preferred when dealing with existing wood cedar shingles, wood, vinyl and aluminum siding, etc., to have all metal step and head-wall flashing installed behind siding so that siding acts as a counter flashing. In some cases this is not feasible and the new flashing has to be surface mounted and countered with an additional counter flashing.  Advice will be given depending on the circumstances. 

Rain gutters

Quite often during re-roofing, the dimension of a new roof changes (shrinks), making the existing rain gutter fit poorly. This is typical with hipped roofs or older houses that have cedar shingles or a cedar shingle starter course. We recommend when re-roofing, to replace the rain gutter with your new roof so that it fits and functions properly.  If this cannot be done, some considerations are offered.
Occasionally, existing rain gutters can be retrofitted to work with a new roof.  In this situation, a rain gutter is re-hung as the work progresses.  Sometimes a gutter contractor may be required to perform this work.  In most cases when retrofitting an old rain gutter, some cosmetic damage does occur.  Completely removing and re-installing an existing rain gutter usually results in inevitable damage and repair may be required at an additional cost.  If the choice is made for new rain gutters, Shaw Roofing can help to coordinate the installation.
It is recommended on some re-roofing installations, such as those with existing crown molding, that the installation of rain gutters happen after a roof is dried in but prior to the installation of the roofing material. This enables the new roofing to be installed so that it hides the gutter straps that nail onto the roof surface.  These small extra steps help to ensure that you have a roof that is aesthetically pleasing.
Rain gutter on houses with vertical fascia can be installed using spikes and can typically and preferably be installed after the re-roofing work is complete.

Swamp Coolers

Swamp coolers need to be installed off the roof so that snow and ice do not back up behind the pan. This also creates better access for future maintenance of the roofing flashing and provides room to properly install and maintain the new step and 4X4 L-flashing.  It is recommended that existing swamp coolers that are not properly installed, be raised.  Inspection of the duct and all working parts of the swamp cooler should take place at this time.  Any needed maintenance can be arranged at this time.


Pre-existing conditions or wear and tear on an existing skylight may indicate that replacement may be necessary.  Careful inspection and advice will be offered.  Shaw Roofing recommends using VELUX skylights as they are maintenance free.  Ask about the new solar powered venting and shaded VELUX skylights.

Job Management and Thorough Clean-up

The professional installation and final appearance of any project includes careful clean-up.  We take extra efforts to make sure your property is taken care of and will look great when we have completed our work.  We will only leave smiles behind.

Referral Program

Shaw Roofing relies on referrals by happy customers.  As a thank you, we gladly give back $100.00 for a referral that turns into an awarded project.  We recognize that a big part of our success over our 24 years in business is attributed to the wonderful people we have had the privilige to work for.  Thank you for sharing your experience with Shaw Roofing.